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CE1000 Los Angeles Abrasion Machine, Basic


ASTM C131, C535; AASHTO T96 ,EN 1097-2,NF P18-573


The Los Angeles abrasion machine is used to determine the resistance of aggregates to abrasion. This L.A. abrasion machine is available as a basic machine and an improved design that conforms to OSHA sound and mechanical safety requirements. Both machines include a drum measuring 28 " (711mm) ID and 20 " (508mm) inside length which is mounted on a rigid, welded base frame ( 1/2 ") thick.  A 1 HP (746W) motor and speed reducer rotates drum at 30-33 rpm., control and digital counter are at a convenient height.
The deluxe version of the Los Angeles abrasion machine includes a sound absorbing enclosure with a double hinged panel. An electrical interlock allows the machine to operate only when panels are closed. Drum is positioned for loading and unloading with a jog button.Internal dimensions of the enclosure:

W 1010 mm X L 940 mm X H 1180 mm

An abrasion charge of 12 hardened steel balls is included. 220/60/1 is standard. For 230/50/1, add "-3" to model number.

Shipping Weight: 1080 lb (491kg).

CE1005         L.A. Abrasion Machine deluxe, with soundproof cabinet
CE1007         Abrasion charge set, replacement