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B713B Digital Water Bath ,30 liters (7.92 gallons) Capacity


ASTM D6927, D5581, D4867


Features And Specifications:

■ Inside dimensions:430x420x160 mm.
■ Outside dimensions:620x500x330 mm.
■ Can hold up to 9-4" Marshall specimens.
■ Temperature range: from ambient to 95°C with an accuracy of 1° C.
■ Digital controller for precise temperature control.
■ Fully insulated to help maintain constant temperatures.
■ Stainless Steel inside outside.
■ A shelf supports specimens allow circulation of water above and below the specimen.
■ Electric stirrer “for continuous water recirculation”, ensuring a constant and uniform temperature.
115VAC is standard; for 230VAC, specify B713B-3

Weight:15 Kg

B713D Extra Large Capacity Water Bath,60 Liters (15.85 gallons)
Same as B713B with the exception:

■ Inside dimensions: 700x550x165 mm.
■ Outside dimensions: 900x640x340 mm.
■ Can hold up to 20-4" Marshall specimens.
115VAC is standard; for 230VAC, specify B713D-3

Weight: 28 Kg