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U-1400 To U-1405 Evaporating Dishes


Porcelain evaporating dishes have pour out lip, are glazed inside and partially outside.
Thermal Shock Resistance.
Round form,High Temp.
Excellent Resistance to acids and alkalies,except for hydrofluoric acid.

Several sizes are available:

Model No       Capacity ml        Dia X Height mm

U-1400             120ml                    90 X 37mm  

U-1401             250ml                    120 X 45mm 

U-1402             385ml                    145 X 48mm

U-1403             765ml                    185 X 54mm

U-1404             1285ml                   215 X 63mm

U-1405              2100ml                  265 X 80mm

Note=U-1400 and U-1401 are used in Atterberg Limits testing.