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U-2312 Bimetal Dial Thermometer 2 1/2 Inch Face


These series of high quality thermometers has the following features and specifications:

8" long pointed stem.
Recalibrating nut.
Tempered glass face,may be safely placed in an oven.
1/4 "(6.35mm) diameter stem.
All stainless steel construction ,SS304.
Divisions: 2°C(5°F).
Read in both °F and °C.
Temperature range:(0 to 200 °C),(32 to 392 °F).
Made in the USA.
Face diameter 2 1/2".
Retaining clip included.
Hermetically sealed (ASME B40.3).
Accuracy 1% full scale (ASME B40.3) .

Different configuration are available,please specify your temperature range,face diameter,stem diameter and length,°C(Celsius) or °F(Fahrenheit) when ordering.