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A131 Digital Shear Box Apparatus For Rock


ASTM D5607


Used to determine the strength and slope stability of rock size max 115x125 mm or cores max. dia. 102 mm, both in the field and in the laboratory.

Complete with: two horizontal rams for shear in two directions, vertical loading ram, two hand pumps with hydraulic connections.
Equipped with: 2 pressure transducer for load acquisition, 4 linear displacement transducer for shear measurement according to the ASTM above, 8 analog inputs data acquisition system.
Main features of the data acquisition system:

Control unit run like a PC based on Windows operating system.
Touch screen system,designed with the latest technology.
High resolution color display, 1/4 VGA, offers all the functions of a PC for the management and analysis of the data, test results, and graphs.
Unlimited memory storage with:2 USB-Host ports for PC, 1 SD card slot
Internet direct connection for remote assistance.
Multi Language.

A129-01 Mold former,to prepare the specimen in the
dimensions and geometry as requested by the shear box