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C-6030 Benkleman Beam




The  Benkelman Beam is a simple lever-arm device which measures deflection of flexible pavements under the action of moving wheel loads.The probe beam, supported by a rigid reference beam, measures deflections using its 2.44m (8ft) probe end and a 1.22m (4ft) dial indicator on the other side of the fulcrum. Deflections measured on a dial indicator are doubled to obtain total pavement deflection. The probe beam is placed between the tires of a test vehicle and deflection is measured as the vehicle passes over the test area. The reference beam has a leveling adjustment to zero the dial indicator.

Features and Specifications:

*Lightweight aluminum frame for portability.

*Direct-reading dial or digital indicator eliminates need for conversion tables or field calculations.

*Easy to use and ,extremely accurate.

*A switchable battery-operated vibrator alerts operator and assures free movement of beam parts during  

 measurements.(Requires 4 "D" size batteries.) 


Dial or Digital  indicators must be ordered separately:

**Dial indicator for use with the Benkelman Beam: Available in 1" range x 0.002" divisions or 25 mm range x 0.02mm divisions.

**Digital indicator for use with the Benkelman beam :Available in 1.0" range x 0.001" resolution

  Can be read in inches or metric units

Shipping weight: 55lb (25kg)