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CE1021 Table Top Aggra-Wash Drum


ASTM D1140, ASTM C117 , AASHTO T11


With the Automatic Aggra-Wash Drum aggregate samples are automatically washed to remove clay and other fines passing #200 or 80um  sieve . Inconsistencies and the high cost of manual methods are eliminated. Inclined, motorized, stainless steel drum rotates to agitate sample until water overflow from lip of drum is clear. A permanent water connection with valve is provided. Drum tilts and locks below horizontal to flush out washed sample.

The table top aggra-wash drum is a smaller version of  automatic aggra-wash drum, that permits placement on a counter top next to a sink drain. Also, the drum may be removed for weighing the sample. The stainless steel drum is 9” (229 mm) diameter by 10.75” (273 mm) high. Capacity is 6-8 lb per batch. Overall 18x12.5x16” (457x318x406 mm) LxWxH.  6ft (1.8M) power cord with GFCI electric outlet .115VAC,60Hz is standard; for 230VAC specify CE1021-3

Shipping Weight: 40 lb (18kg); 4 cu. ft.