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Capping Pads and Retainers




■ High-efficiency and reusable method for capping concrete cylinders for use in compression testing.
■  Save time and labor expenses associated with capping compounds.
■ Sets are comprised of precision-machined, high-alloy steel retaining caps.
■ These pads  provide a fast end efficient method for distributing the test load uniformly across the cylinder,  ensuring accurate results.
■ Bearing surfaces of the retaining rings is plane within 0.002in (0.05mm).
■ Pads are reusable up to 100 times or more (Pad's durometer need to be verified from time to time)



C107-09 Capping Retainers for 100 X 200mm( 4 X 8") Cylinders

C107-09N Neoprene Pads 100mm (4") shore 60,sold by unit

C107-10 Capping Retainers for 150 X 300mm(6 X 12") Cylinders

C107-10N Neoprene Pads 150mm (6") shore 60,sold by unit