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C-1450 Automatic concrete cylinder end grinder


ASTM C39,D4543,C192,C31 EN 12390-2


Surfaces are always in conformance to ASTM or EN. Surfaces are ground plane and parallel within ±0.002" (0.05mm). It is particularly recommended when testing specimens where design strengths exceed 7000 psi (48.3mPa) and eliminates necessity of capping ends. Many different specimen sizes can be accommodated up to a maximum height of 14.5" (370mm). The machine can process at one time any one of the following sizes:

 2x cylinders 6x12" (150x300mm)
 2x cylinders 4x8" (100x200mm)
 4x cylinders .08 - 3"
 3x cubes 4" (100mm)
 2x cubes 6"(150mm)
 2x cubes 8"(200mm)

Specimens are securely held in place by a special jig which included. The 2-speed abrasive head moves in 2 directions as well as up and down. Vertical movement is accurate to 0.02" (0.05mm). Grinding is carried out with water and emulsifying oil used as a coolant. This does not allow any dust from going into the atmosphere. The machine base includes a large locked cabinet for storing accessories and tools, a 7.5 gallon (50 liter) storage and collecting tank with a pump, holding fixtures for 6x12" and 4x8" cylinders and set of 8 diamond grinding sectors. The working base surface measures 27.75 x 12" (680x300mm); grinding wheel is 13" (330mm) diameter; vertical span ranges between 14.5" (370mm) and 3.5" (90mm). Power requirements 220V, 3 phase. CSA or UL certification is available as an option,please specify Shipping Weight: 1050 lb (477kg).
C-1452 Diamond grinding sectors (set of 8). These are a recommended accessory due to better grinding action and much longer life.
C-1456 Holding device for 4 core samples from 0.8" to 2.16" dia