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Single-Use Concrete Test Cylinder Molds-Plastic (different sizes)


ASTM C31,C192,C470; AASHTO M205


Disposable molds are widely used because of their easy handling and portability. Plastic molds are formed from one piece with reinforcing rib around top opening to assure dimensional stability.Domed lids are included. These molds are priced by the case. Quantity prices are also available.

 Dia.xHt   Cat. No.   No./Case   Domed Lids 
 6x12"  C-2220   20         C-2220L
 4x8"  C-2221  36  C-2221L
 3x6"  C-2222  80  C-2222L
 2x4"  C-2223   75  C-2223L