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Reuseable Concrete Test Cylinder Molds-Plastic ( different sizes)


ASTM C31, C192, C470; AASHTO T22,T126


Made of Polyurethane,70D in durometer,characterized by unusual toughness,high load bearing capacity ,resistance to impact, abrasion, compression set and degradation by oxygen, ozone and many oils, chemicals and solvents. 

Plastic molds are heavy wall ,  lightweight, will not deform and are made from one piece. By coating mold with a light oil, specimen is easily removed using compressed air.

Sold individually.
C-2205  3 X 6"   1/4"wall thickness

C-2207  4 X 8"   Available in (4.5mm), (5mm) and 1/4" wall thickness ,please specify when ordering.

C-2206  6 X 12"  1/4" wall thickness