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C-2358 Slump cone (metric) and accessories


ASTM C143; AASHTO T119; BS 1881


Omnimetrix slump cones are seamless, heavy gauge, plated steel construction. Cone is 12" (305mm) high with top and bottom diameters of 4" (102mm) and 8" (203mm).Handles and feet are welded. Cones are usually used in sets but can also be purchased separately. A plastic slump cone C-2358P is also available complies with ASTM .  
C-2358P Lightweight, plastic slump cone will not dent or rust and can be cleaned with an acid bath.
Popular items for Slump Test
C-2361  Graduated Tamping Rod 24" (610mm) long by 0.625" (16mm)diameter with 6" engraved scale.
C-2362  Slump Cone Base with carrying handle, clamps to hold down slump cone and has provision to carry slump set.
U-2101  Galvanized Pan 18x18x3"  
U-2102  Galvanized Pan 24x24x3"  
C-2359  Filling Funnel
U-2254A  Large Aluminum Scoop 10x5.3" (LxWx) for 6" Molds
U-1260 Cleaning Brush, A very useful brush for cleaning slump cones, this brush flares out to get into corners and grooves. Bristle portion measures 5x6" (125x150mm). Wood handle is easy to grip.